Our made to measure PVC curtains help protect your staff from the elements and provide a cost effective method of reducing heat loss, without compromising pedestrian and vehicle access or light transmission. 

They provide such an efficient thermal barrier that they often pay for themselves within the first year. Once installed you will immediately notice the difference to your working environment.

They are simple to install and the strips can be easily removed for cleaning, maintenance or when they are not required, for example during the summer months.

Why buy PVC curtains?

  • PVC possesses excellent thermal insulation properties, which makes PVC strip curtains the ideal solution for minimising heat loss from one area to another. People, trolleys and forklifts simply pass through them and the flexible plastic strips fall back into place, forming an effective thermal barrier and minimising the amount of warm air that can escape. This explains why PVC curtains usually pay for themselves in less than a year through reduced energy bills.

  • As well as keeping the heat in, PVC curtains will keep the cold in, retaining chilled air in controlled temperature environments such as warehouses, cold stores, factories or food processing plants.

  • Much more than just temperature can be controlled with PVC strip curtains. Workplace hazards such as noise, dust, smoke, fumes and splash can be contained. They even prevent entry of flying pests, insects and birds.

  • The inherent flexibility of PVC means they offer a number of benefits over rigid door systems, including unimpeded passage and hands-free access through openings.

  • Another key feature of PVC is its transparency, which is particularly important in a workplace scenario as it can prevent accidents by providing workers with a clear line of sight through the opening.

  • In addition, assembly and maintenance of our curtain kits is incredibly easy. They can be manufactured to size and are fast and simple to assemble and hang. Once in place, they are easy to clean and maintain - damaged or dirty strips can be replaced with only basic tools.

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