Industrial Sectional Doors are vertically-opening doors constructed using multiple panel sections built to withstand heavy usage using double skinned steel foam filled panels. The vertical opening of these doors creates more space in front and behind the door allowing you to park vehicles closer and utilise more room inside the building.

When open, the industrial door sections neatly fold up and lay flat beneath the ceiling. For angled roofs, special tracks can be ordered so that the door panels open in line with the roof.

Manufactured to your specific requirements, each of our industrial sectional doors provide reliable service and exceptional ease of use combined with an outstanding level of access control capable of withstanding high usage volumes to cope with all levels of industrial workloads.

The sectional door for nearly every standard application is a double skinned, foam filled 40mm thick panel making the door very robust in all sizes up to 8000mm wide and 6000mm high.

Sectional overhead doors offer the very highest level of insulation and Ace Door Systems proudly offer their range of sectional doors. We consider these industrial sectional doors to offer an uncompromising level of quality and reliability not just for the door panel and operating mechanism quality but also the highly developed and state of the art access control and automation systems used. The excellent pricing of the sectional doors also makes it a very sensible and attractive solution for most commercial and industrial premises.

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